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Needing IRthv HV aerial inspections criterea Jaques 12/7/2002
Can anybody help me sending the corrects limits like helicopter speed, max wind and others schedules suggested when doing the aerial thermography at HV distribuctions lines by using the helicopter? Answers by e-mailing to

Thank you,
RE:Needing IRthv HV aerial inspections criterea Gary Orlve 12/9/2002
Hi Jaques,

The optimum parameters depend a great deal on what equipment you have. Wide field of view lenses and low spatial resolution do not make a great match for helicopter surveys.

Your altitude and survey speed largely depend on instrument performance, and what optics you have. I would suggest conducting a survey in less than 10 mph wind speed, on an overcast day when the load is high.

For other parameters, please email me with your equipment specifications.

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