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Mobile crane IR inspection mickey 2/22/2005
Is anyone performing inspections on mobile cranes? What are some of your key components to inspect and would you recommend a time based pm on these?
Re:Mobile crane IR inspection paulpartin 3/2/2005
I was just curious, are you looking at the mechanical part of the crane (engine, crane motor) or the actual steel of the boom?
Re:Mobile crane IR inspection Stoop 3/2/2005
We happen to carry out a lot of damage surveys to mobile cranes and have recently acquired an IR camera.
Understood that electric connections, hotter spots in cables (which indicate a weakness of the cable).
Re:Mobile crane IR inspection mickey 3/2/2005
Looking for anything mechanical or electrical that is accessable for viewing during normal operation. Curious if anyone is using IR inspections on these and what components they are keying on. Thanks for your interest.
Re:Mobile crane IR inspection electricpete 3/5/2005
If the motors are wound rotor motors with speed controlled by resistors, resistors are a common point of failure. You would have to open up a resistor bank panel to look at them.
Re:Mobile crane IR inspection electricpete 3/5/2005
On second thought, before I opened resistor bank I would just measure rotor currents. If balanced no need to look further. If unbalanced, look at resistor banks.

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