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Thermography Inspections in Maryland (Business) JNTOOLS 2/22/2005
Does anyone know what the licensing requirements are, if any, to operate as a thermographer in the state of Maryland?

I would like to use thermal technology to detect water intrusion and insulation defects in residential buildings. The state of Maryland does not license home inspectors and there is no funding as of yet. Also there is no licensing classification as far as I know for thermographers in Maryland. I plan to take Level I and Building Science classes from ITC. Does anyone have any recommendations for starting a small thermography inspection consulting service?
Re:Thermography Inspections in Maryland (Business) Gary Orlove 2/23/2005
Scott Willits wrote an excellent paper about getting started in thermography consulting. You can download the paper at this website. See below:

"I've posted a downloadable .PDF version of the paper at my website:

Just click the 'Downloads' link on the left and it will take to to the link for the paper.

As far as the business plan, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't go through the process yourself. As others have noted, there are a wealth of resources available to help get you started, and I highly recommend you avail yourself of them. As a first step, check out the financial planning basics spreadsheet at this link:

Just open it up and start plugging in numbers. It's guaranteed to provide hours of good clean fun...either that or talk you out of even trying :) Either way, you can't go into business until you understand how costs and overhead will work together, and this is a great place to start." - Scott Willits, Redwood Infrared
Re:Thermography Inspections in Maryland (Business) APEX 2/23/2005
There is another business plan software package that is very good. It is called Business Plan Pro. Takes you through all the aspects of a good sound business plan. When you are done you print it out and use it to talk to the people who want to see one. It will give you all the charts and graphs to show anticipated sales, expenses, cash, growth, market, etc. This is the one that I used while starting up my thermography business in Ontario Canada. A word of advise, don't put together a business plan and then never look at it again. It should be a living document and reflect changes in the market place that will come up over time. I pull mine out at least monthly and review it to make sure that I am still working with the plan.
Most states and provinces have business enterprise centers where you can seek assistance and guidance from established business people. These centers can also steer you towards any funding that might be available.
Re:Thermography Inspections in Maryland (Business) scott waterman 3/2/2005
I live in Leesburg, VA. and do IR-work in Meryland and D.C. Give me a call if you would like to get together and check it out. I have done alot of direct mailing and feel more education of the general work-force on IR is needed. scott waterman 703-843-3350,

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