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thermography and trains i2r 2/25/2005
Is there someone who has experience using thermography in or around trains!
We are looking for all kinds of applications:
looking at the power cords while the train comes by with 140 km/h., looking at the weels? All sugestions are welcome to see if there are solutions with the use of infrared.
Re:thermography and trains IRJay 2/25/2005
I have a video of Long Island Railroad with a mounted camera inspecting the rail links on a regular basis.
I also have seen it used on all the rotating equipment such as brakes, linings, wheels, bearings and hydraulics. The typical electrical application are also there with looking at the connections and devices and such.
I think the available applications are limitless.
Re:thermography and trains nikreila 3/12/2005
there are some research on braking performance of TGV trains you can find easily with google.
Re:thermography and trains shockwave48 7/15/2005
We have performed scans with the S60 camera from the back of a moving train traveling up to 80 mph, with the back doors open. We've found loose or broken connections for cross bonds, track circuits, and on the electric third rail. The hardest part is locating the hot spots while reviewing miles and miles of scans.
Re:thermography and trains Manuel 7/16/2005
yes it is interesting point.

i wonderer, how you locate and find the locations??..

roberto cruz
Re:thermography and trains shockwave48 7/18/2005
While recording, we note the time when we pass a station or some other important landmark. One of our employees who is very familiar with our tracks reviews the scans to determine the locations. He knows where specific equipment is located (crossovers, interlocks, track circuits), and counts the number of insulators or ties to the hot spot. It's time consuming, but possible. Sometimes we're off by about 200 feet when we actually go to the site. I heard that there is an interface/software where a GPS unit can be connected to the camera, which would be helpful.
Re:thermography and trains Manuel 7/18/2005
maybe some of us have same situacion, wichs is to inspect several miles of power lines and can't stop to take a picture or make landmark note.

i know greg stockton uses some sort of identification for aerial infrared, but in this cases when you work alone it is little dificult.

would like to heard some ideas, gps sounds great but how will be the interface?

i record into digital video recording the camera's video output, maybe some identificacion method can be mixed both together.

roberto cruz

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