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E65 VS B2 any advise? JNTOOLS 2/26/2005
I am contemplating the purchase of either the FLIR B2 or E65. I have the specs. on both. It seem like the only difference is the B2 has the automatic dew point identification alarm and the E65 has a greater temperature range. The B2 would work very well for me at the time, since my plans are to use it for what it was intended for (Building Inspection) water intrusion, insulation issues; however it would be nice to be able to look at electrical issues at a later time. It seems the price gap has lessened in the last few months and I don’t mind paying the extra bucks for the E65 if it is truly a better camera. Can the E65 be used for all the same situations as the B2 with the addition of electrical? Is there more expense in maintaining calibration on the E65 over the B2? Can anyone help with these questions?
Re:E65 VS B2 any advise? john@FLIR 3/7/2005

I'll do my best. The B2 was designed for building inspections whereas the E65 for electrical. The main difference is the temperature range (250C for the E65 vs. 55 C for the B2 standard), but there are others with the E65:

3 movable temperature spots
Delta Measurement (common in electrical)
Built in emissivity table
movable area
Hot or cold spot finder

I believe the service/calibration costs are indentical.

Not to confuse you, but take a look at the new EX320, it has 4X the resolution.


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