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LPG Level in Sperical Tanks Edd Hindmarsh 2/28/2005
Today I surveyed some spherical tanks to ascertain the levels within, a straightforward job I thought. Mid morning when I assumed that the overcast sun had warmed up the air in the top of the tank, the first tank showed half full but the bottom half was hotter than the top. Maybe we had had a warm night and the liquid gas was still warm from the previous day, and todays sun wasn't warm enough. The second two tanks showed no definite separation. Because they are spheres, could it be that the bottom half has heat reflected from the ground, and the top reflected from the sky. If that was the case then all tanks would appear the same. Any opinions
Re:LPG Level in Sperical Tanks Manuel 3/1/2005
please take a look at this link:

good luck.

roberto cruz
Re:LPG Level in Sperical Tanks Edd Hindmarsh 3/1/2005
Thank you, confirmed what I had found that a sphere can give the opposite indication to what I had expected

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