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How hot is hot? Sabrina 3/8/2005
I need some advice and directions on the general guides to determine whether a hot spot detected on an equipment is in fact a thermal anomaly.

Eg. on a motor body, the general temperature shown on the IR image is around 34 degree celsius! Is this considered as hot/defect?

Is there any standards in the industries that govern such severity guidelines on hot spots or delta temperature (when comparing 2 similar components) and the respective actions to be taken?
Re:How hot is hot? Manuel 3/12/2005
there are a guidelines which is just that: GUIDEs.

look for NETA guidelines to "maintenance testing specifications for electrical power distribution equipment and systems"

but most important of all, take the thermographers certificacion level I course.

good luck
roberto cruz
Re:How hot is hot? Brandon 3/17/2005
Your own history is your best guide. If you don't have thermal history on the equipment, check similiar equipment running under the same conditions if available. Another test you can perform is to check the motor (or drive) incoming leads. Are any of the leads warmer than the other two? Also, you can check the amp draw on each phase of the motor (or drive in the case of DC). The difference should be minimal. For example, if the leads show 10 amps, 14 amps, 10 amps, you have a problem. In my experience, 34C isn't really that hot when it comes to motors. If you've performed all of these tests and everything seems ok, then just watch the motor more regularly than you normally would. If the temperature continues to increase under the same running conditions be prepared to replace the motor, or schedule the necessary downtime if possible.
Be sure you're properly trained to perform any of the tasks I've talked about. If you need any further information, you can contact me @

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