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Older home inspections impacting insurance rates Mickey_A 1/9/2004
A recent letter sent from my insurance company calims an increase in rates will be forth coming unless I prove I have replaced major plumbing, appliances, and electrical wiring since the home is approaching 40 years old. Are there any insurance companies who will accept a thermal image of breaker panels and outlets as proof that my current wiring is problem free?
Insirance Rates / Thermography Bernie Lyon 1/9/2004
I do not know if any insurance company would accept an image of any kind, thermal or visual, as evidence of safe wiring and plumbing. However, Chubb insurance is one company that actually conducts infrared inspections for their clients. You might contact them to see what they have to offer. Here is a link to some more information on Chubb:
IR inspections of electrical in older homes Dave 1/9/2004
An IR inspection in a home or any other building will only be evidence of real time conditions within the electrical panel, etc. The other concern in older homes is the actual condition of the wiring insulation due to deterioration over the years and wiring practices of homeowners as well. A signed inspecion report from a qualified electrician should do the trick, but then again some companies have "canned" requirements which leave the thought process far behind. Dave

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