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35 mm Equivalence Videe 3/15/2005
I have a B2 and wondered if any knew what lens equivalences to 35mm might be: The lenses available are: 25 deg x 19 deg (std)
2X Telescope (12° X 9°/1.2m)
0.5X Wide angle (45° X 34°/0.1m)
Gary O told me that:
28mm = 65degrees
50mm = 40degrees
100mm = 20degrees

I'd be interested in what:

There is a formula to find this out but frankly,math is a weakness of mine. Is there a quick guide that someone has created for reference?

Re:35 mm Equivalence Gary Orlove 3/15/2005
Here is a chart of focal length (f in mm) and field of view (Hor, Vert, Diag in degrees) for 35mm cameras.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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