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Need help to justify level II course Ron Cooper 3/17/2005
I need anyone’s help to help me warrant to my maintenance manager why it is beneficial for me to get the level 2 certification. Anyone that has done the course and found problems that they might not have noticed before. If you could email me how it has helped and examples of reports would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Ron Cooper
Re:Need help to justify level II course ckenny 3/18/2005
Tell him it well help you help him be better, smarter and faster.
Re:Need help to justify level II course Manuel 3/19/2005
what kind of industry you work for Ron?..

roberto cruz
Re:Need help to justify level II course pktsgt 3/21/2005

The easy way to get this done is to ask your boss if he wants reports with temp. differences in them So "HE" will know how hot something is

and a better time frame as to when it will fail OR Does he just want a guess where you could be WRONG and tear something apart with out a really reason in doing so. OR something goes bad and breaks at the wrong time and cost the company more money then when found earlier. With a better understanding of what is going on.

I'm a level III thermographer who does not get to really work with my schooling BUT I'm glad to have it when I do get to get into the field. I know what I say is correct because I have the Highest education in the field.

Wish I could send you some reports to verify this but can not do to where I work.

Any more questions feel free to email me

Kat Thompson

Electrician/IR Thermographer

Antigua Air Station

Antigua, West Indies

PS your email address would not work
Re:Need help to justify level II course Pete 4/7/2005
Sorry to post this so late but, here it is. My employer does not allow a Level I to make any recommendations, a Level I can only take the data. We also have to be ASNT-SNT-TC certified, which does not allow a Level I Thermographer to make recommendations.

Explain to the "Boss" that Level I training is only the beginning to your education & you want to be a asset to the company. A Level I is equal to being a "Data Dog" who barks at a problem but, can't explain why he's barking.

Good Luck

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