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Reporter 7 Pro Bob Berry 3/18/2005
I have just installed Thermacam Reporter 7 Pro. The Thermacam menu does not appear on the menubar at the top of the screen even though the toolbar does appear. This will cause some problems for me later on. I am using Office 2003 and have tried changing most common settings in Word i.e. macro security settings, customising toolbars and options. Am I just missing something obvious. Other than that it works great.

I suspect there is a problem within the registry.

By the way if anyone has any good templates for Reporter 7 can they forward them to me at
Re:Reporter 7 Pro Jim Haney 3/18/2005
This is usually due to a conflict with the full version of Adobe Acrobate. Modify the Adobe Acrobate installasion and remove the Microsoft Office plug-ins. Reporter 7 pro has a built in PDF writer so you will not need the Adobe plug-in.

Jim Haney
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Re:Reporter 7 Pro Bob Berry 3/19/2005
Thanks Jim,

I have uninstalled Acrobat fully, but the thermacam menubar still does'nt appear. I'm pretty sure this is just a system file associated with Acrobat, but I cant find out which one.

I would appreciate a little more help.

Thanks in advance
Re:Reporter 7 Pro ogi 3/21/2005
I had same problem and it was resolved when
administrator set no restrictions for my
Re:Reporter 7 Pro ogi 3/21/2005
And I have installation of Acrobat 6, which is
cooperating in Word just fine.

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