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Saving two spots on one image deltattone 1/9/2004
I have a ThermaCAM E2. How can I select/save multiple measurement spots on a single image?
E2 spot jgagnon 1/12/2004
You can only use a single spot with the E2 camera. Other cameras, such as the P60, support multiple spots.
E2 multiple spots Bernie Lyon 1/27/2004
The E2 can add only a single spot to the image. The E4 is capable of adding 3 spots.
You can get more than one spot on an E2 image when you place it in your report. This involves a little work.
You need to take an image for each spot that you want on that image. You will have to place the spot where you want it and then save the image. I recommend that you freeze the image first and then apply the spot. Let's assume that you have saved four images of the same object with four spots in different locations.
When you create your report, use a single image as the "master," and add the additional spots on that image using Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop Elements, or a similar image processing program. A "spot" can be the + symbol and added as a text item; that can be done easily using Paint Shop Pro. You can add the remaining three spots where they belong, based on the additional images. Temperatures can also be added on the image.
Another way to accomplish this would involve taking the images with the use of a tripod. Save the first image with the spot in place and very carefully move the spot to the next location. Be sure that you do not move the camera or change the level or span. Move the spot on the next image and save that, as well. Repeat this for all the spots that you want. Place the first image in your image processing program and paste the next image on top of it. You will need to adjust the transparency of the images to allow the spots to show through. They will probably look faded. And, your temperature and time displays will overlap, as well as any other changes, such as your emissivity or T Reflect values.
I recommend the first method because it is easier and will yield a cleaner image.

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