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Australian Market Aussie_I.R 3/20/2005
First of all I would like to congratulate all of you on this forum, very informative.
I am very keen to start my own business here in Australia, I have been involved in the repair industry throughout many fields (mining,power generation, and general industry) being a qualified sparky and experienced technical representaive person for my employer.
Does anybody know of other areas to target for eg. marine, building industry etc that have not been exposed too here in Australia. The I.R field is relatively small (in Australia) and would like to gain some knoweledge of countries/companies that have been successful in starting small and expanding. The region I propose to taget is a very large growing region with many various industries(small & large)200+ hotels and one of the countries largest marine industries etc. I believe this area is untapped, and look forward to your replies. Thanks in advance for your help
Re:Australian Market ThermoscanVic 4/26/2005
Give me a call on 0425702807:

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