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.tif image format and Thermacam Reporter 7 software GerryD. 3/21/2005
I have been using Thermacam Reporter 7 Pro with our new P65 camera . Everything is working well and the glitch which I recently noticed , happened when I was using the template wizard and the template I was using contained a results table. I added a tif image from our PM390 camera when building a report. It was then that I noticed, in my results table, the field ....IR IMAGE...TIME CREATED, was 8 hours later than the time the image was taken.
I did check the set-up menu of the camera to ensure that the correct time was saved in the camera's configuration. It was correct. I then took the same tif image and using my old THERMACAM REPORTER 99 software template. The result table did display the proper time.
My question is ..... was I wrong in thinking that the Reporter 7 Pro software would be able to create seamless transfer of either image format when building reports. It isn't a big issue for me;..... now that I know about it!
Is this something that other Flir users should be notified about, if they still use cameras with different image formats.
Re:.tif image format and Thermacam Reporter 7 software Jim Haney 3/22/2005
This is a known issue and has been reported to the developers.

In the time being you can just type a seperate cell using a Word table if this information is impeortant.


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