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Plugged roof drains ir uaw 3/29/2005
I am fairly new to the IR world. We presently have quite a few roof drains in our facility that appear to be broken or plugged. Anybody have any pointers on how to conduct a survey to see if the interior lines are plugged or the drains themselves? The drains on the roof have been cleaned. It's not obvious to see a plugged drain. Outside temp is about 45 degrees F. Interior temperature is about 70 degrees F. This would help our Pipefitters determine where to start repairs.
Re:Plugged roof drains orca_phil 3/29/2005
We have had our friends at the local roto rooter shop run several of our larger drian systems with their cable cam to locate blockages, with some great results. (We also have had them run the duct work in some of our larger HVAC systems to find failed fire dampners.)
Good luck.
Re:Plugged roof drains jvoitl 3/31/2005
See the July 2002 ITC Newsletter.

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