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Flir P10 Jack 3/30/2005
Is the P10 capable of temperature measurements? Does it have adjustable emissivity? Or is it just a thermal imager with no inputs?
Re:Flir P10 Azar 3/31/2005
The P10 is a strict thermal imager with no temperature capabilities. I would recommend our new EX320 or P20 if your looking for an affordable IR camera for your application. The EX320 and P20 provide excellent sensitivity and image resolution. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at

1-800 GO Infra option #1 or
866-477-3687 option #2
Azar Louh
Inside Sales Manager
Re:Flir P10 Manuel 3/31/2005
great info Azar,

can you post the image of equipments when make reference to them due some of us dont know the equipments.


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