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EPDM Scan Mark 3/31/2005
How successful are scans for EPDM roof systems. I,ve heard rumor that it is not very effective. i have a Flir ES
Re:EPDM Scan ron lucier 4/7/2005
Very successful application under most conditions. Unballasted Black EPDM is quite reflective when the roof gets cold but I have been able to see the characteristic thermal signature for moisture in the insulation under most conditions. The big thing is that these signatures made appear just before sundown and may disappear in an hour or so. The laws of Physics and Heat Transfer govern this and I'm unaware of any way to make the task easier. If you wait a couple of hours after sundown on a clear night with cool air temperatures, you've probably missed your inspection window.

I can e-mail you some black EPDM images if you wish.


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