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Camera Recommendations newguy 3/31/2005
my company has been dabbling in predictave maintenace for sometime and as decided to invest in a IR camera. It will be used mainly for electrical. Any recommendations on your favorites?? How about other practical uses in the industrial and refinery fields?? As far as camera costs, they won't skimp on quality. How about software?
Re:Camera Recommendations Michael 4/1/2005
Assuming you will not be performing any furnace tube inspection, a FLIR P65 has incredible image quality and all the gadgets to go along with it.
Re:Camera Recommendations mrotigliano 4/1/2005

I would also recommend the New FLIR ThermaCAM P65. The ThermaCAM P65 is the most highly refined infrared inspection system available today. Its powerful new features and conveniences enable the professional thermographer to work with unprecedented efficiency and productivity. Working in concert with ThermaCAM reporting and database software, the P65 fully automates the process of collecting, reporting, and archiving infrared images and thermal data.

FLIR now has a Value Package for the ThermaCAM P65. You save over $12,000!!

• FLIR ThermaCAM P65
• Reporter PRO 7.0 Software
• ImageBuilder Software
• Database Software
• Extra-wide-angle (45 degree) or telephoto lens (12 degree) FREE
• 2 additional batteries (4 all together)

Feel Free to contact me with any questions. You can also visit to contact a FLIR Sales Manager in your area.


Mike Rotigliano
FLIR Systems, Inc
Re:Camera Recommendations pktsgt 4/5/2005
I have found the K6700 or the upgraded K6800 from ISG is a great camera for electrical inspections. Light wieght, easy to use. Software is not bad after you figure it out. Takes a little bit of time. The camera overall is great and small. Works indoors and outdoors with easy.

The company I work for just got this one in 2months ago. I had a IR Heatfinder and a Raytheon 500D. Was not impressed with either of these after getting my hands on the K6700. Price is well worth what you are getting.(around 20K)
Re:Camera Recommendations Ron Cooper 4/8/2005
I would also recommend the P-65 we have had one for four months now and it is still ammazing me with the options it has. We had the high temperature filter installed, I haven't had a chance to try itout though. We also have purchased the telephoto (12 degree) and wide angle (45 degree) lens as feel as a extension cable for the removable remote control head.
Re:Camera Recommendations Tony Holliday (HAWK IR) 4/8/2005

Hawk IR International Ltd. have recently released the ILLUMINATE-IR module for the FLIR P65 series cameras.

Using the FLIR P65 with the Hawk IR ILLUMINATE-IR attachment, the on-board digital camera can be used to take optical images of inside the switchgear via the visually transparent Hawk IR Sightglasses (or other optically transparent IR windows).

Using the FLIR P65 camera alongside the Hawk IR Sightglasses and Hawk IR ILLUMINATE-IR allows you to visually reference important points quickly and easily, the FLIR P65 camera automatically provides power to the ILLUMINATE-IR system as and when you need it, the digital image is then linked to the relevant infrared image within the FLIR P65 for easy reference when writing your report.

Drop me a line if you want more information.

Best regards,

Tony Holliday
Hawk IR International Ltd.

Re:Camera Recommendations GSF 4/13/2005
If your company is only dabbling in PM then I doubt you can get the money for an imager. You had better be prepared to justify this capital investment because the prices will shock your management, and be prepared to get another few thousand for training because you'll need it.

I suggest before you buy to get Level I training so you understand some of the limitations of the equipment. You won't need the most advanced imagers with all the bells and whistles if all your doing is electrical surveys. I would stick with the large array (320x240) units because the smaller ones don't have the best resolution.

Also, if your going to do electrical make sure you get a copy of NFPA-70E and read it!

Re:Camera Recommendations newguy 4/13/2005
Thanks for your input Greg. I think our management is pretty well informed as far as costs. We realize we will be in the 35k- 65k range just for the IR equipment and training. The IR will only be one part of the program. As for now the main use of the IR will be on electrical, but hopefully in the future we will also include bearing temps., piping, etc. As for the NFPA-70E we do have copies of this document and are aware of the contents and new changes.
Thanks again for everyones input. This seems to be a very informative board!
Re:Camera Recommendations masy 7/25/2005
We are considering purchasing a therml imaging systems for measuring temperatures in the Pharmaceutical and BioPharma industry. Does anyone have experience in measuring Stainless steel tubing and piping. Any tricks for obtaining the best accuracy at 100C to 130C.
Re:Camera Recommendations jvoitl 7/25/2005
I have been doing thermography at Coors Brewing Co. for about 6 years. We must have 1000's of miles of stainless pipe and tubing. You will not be able to read the temperature directly from the metal itself but, must coat it with something of known emissivity set the camera to match. I have used Krylon flat white aerosol paint no. 1502 with great success. It has an emissisvity of .99. Also black electrical tape with an emissivity of .95 works fine. If looks are important and the coating must be removed, I have used tempura paint available at hobby and craft stores. Aerosol foot powder works too but gets a little pricey if you need much.
Re:Camera Recommendations dgallagher 7/28/2005
Here is a link to a variety of low cost IR imaging camera's ranging from $8K to $14K:

Of interest is the new M4 unit - it is the size of a cellular phone with thermal and visual image and excellent reporting capabilities:
Re:Camera Recommendations EPH 8/15/2005
Electrophysics also has an excellent selection of powerful, yet affordable, thermal imaging and measurement sytsems for predictive maintenance applications. Check out our new HotShot system!

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