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Thermography Best Practices Andyred 4/6/2005
I will be conducting a review of the way we do thermography at our refinery and would like to compare how we perform vs. industry best practice.
The points I would like feedback on are,

1. ITC. Do you run any training that looks at best practices, e.g. Inspection frequency of fired heaters, if there is a problem with a heater how and why do you alter frequency? What is best practice for Electrical inspection frequency. How do you monitor how well you are doing?
2. How does everyone out there achieve the above? Do you all have a management system in place?
3. I spend a lot of time looking at fired heaters and due to the number of variable we have decided not to guarantee any specific temperatures. We will identify temperature differences and trend hot spots. We will also condemn TI’s if we have another nearby TI to compare. Has anybody come up with a reliable method of heater tube measurement?
4. What’s your experience with underground water leaks? How do you track kiln hot spots?

I realise there are a lot of points to answer and I’m not without some experience myself so hopefully at the end of this thread we’ll all be a little wiser.

We wrote our management system shortly after our group formed nearly 7 years ago so we need to re-assess how effectively we are working.
I am a level 2 thermographer (pupil of Mikael Cronholm), my duties also include vibration analysis, Partial Discharge Monitoring and Motor Current Signature Analysis.

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