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S60 Video Issue - possible to link to camcorder? Videe 4/6/2005
Someone asked if the S60 can link to a camcorder..he has tried and failed to get an image..any experiences?

I know the B2 will allow live images to be linked to a camcorder.
Re:S60 Video Issue - possible to link to camcorder? Azar 4/6/2005
The S60 has a standard video output and should be able to connect to a camacorder. The S60 also has DV output if he wants to capture digital video.
Re:S60 Video Issue - possible to link to camcorder? ron lucier 4/6/2005
It works fine provided you have a camcorder that can take an NTSC video input - not all do. make sure that the video out is set to NTSC, not the European standard PAL. You will find the setting under the SETUP/LOCAL SETTINGS menu "Video Output"

Connect a video cable from the rear of the camera, lower RCA connector to a TV or VCR input to make sure there are no problems with the video board.

On most camcorders there should be a setting to turn on the processing of external video sources. Since there are hundreds of different camcorders I can't offer specific details.

One other alternate, since you have an S60 with digital video you can hook the Fireweire up and see the image via Windows Movie Maker or other similar software. I use Movie Maker because it's free from Microsoft, has lots of neat add ons (special effects) and very easy to use.

If you are still having problems, please call our Support staff - Jason Gagnon (978-901-8413) or Jim Haney (978-901-8232)

Best wishes from the ITC!
Re:S60 Video Issue - possible to link to camcorder? Jim Haney 4/6/2005
The S60 has the same NTSC video output RCA connector on the back that the B2 has. The RCA video output will connect to any camcorder that has NTSC analog video inputs.

The S60 has two digital output options: DCAM (formatted with radiometric data), and DV (standard digital video format, no radiometric data)

It sounds like what they want take the proprietary format that streams out of the firewire interface and record it to a camcorder, then using the camcorder to do post processing into a PC. They may also be trying to use the firewire DV out from the S60 into a camcorder.

Here is why neither of the digital formats will work with a camcorder:

The S60 connected via firewire is a camera and is considered a device buy the computer that it is connected to. When you connect a device such as a camcorder, or S60 IR camera into a PC it loads device drivers to recognize and interface with that equipment. You cannot connect the firewire output into a camcorder because the camcorder has no way of loading device drivers to recognize such a device is plugged into it. In addition the firewire port on the camcorder is probably an output and not an input.

The DCAM format used by the S60 to stream data into the Researcher software is framed packets of proprietary information. The software decodes the information and it’s not a standard video format.

The DV firewire output is a digital video output that you can connect directly to a PC with a firewire interface the same way you would any camcorder with firewire.

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