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If an IR camera is Stolen and used... Videe 4/6/2005
If an IR camera is stolen and either used by the perpetrator or resold...can images generated by it be tracked? metadata, serial numbers etc?
Re:If an IR camera is Stolen and used... ron lucier 4/6/2005
The serial number of the camera is embedded in the header information saved with each image. Take any FLIR camera, put an image into Reporter 2000 or 7, in the results table you can choose whether to display the serial number, among many other items, or not.

Re:If an IR camera is Stolen and used... Videe 4/7/2005
Thanks Ron...
Does that mean that if someone tries to sell the camera, or if resold - if the images are uploaded to a website (for a show or report) it could be tracked??
Re:If an IR camera is Stolen and used... TDLIR 4/29/2005
From my understanding, camera information is imbedded within a "Radiometric" image or an image saved by an IR camera.

But if you take that image and save it as a standard Jpeg or Bitmap image with an image editing software in order to post it on a website for all to see, then that converted image does not contain this info.

If you are trying to source a stolen camera, one of your best bets is to register the serial number with the manufacturer as a stolen camera. And if that camera is returned back for service and calibration it will be flagged and possibly held by the manufacturer until the issue was resolved.

Hope this helps,

Sonny James

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