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Safety cloths (PPE) DonW 4/7/2005
Does anyone have guide lines they follow as to the type of clothing (PPE) to wear while they are making IR scans of energized, exposed high-voltage switchgear.
Wearing all of the components to the Nomax suit for any length of time is a safety hazard in it self plus it makes using an IR camera imposable.
Re:Safety cloths (PPE) IRJay 4/7/2005
NFPA 70E 2004 Edition has all the defined hazards and clothing specifications needed for the type of work you are in.
Re:Safety cloths (PPE) Rory Paul 5/1/2005
Try the following web site:

They have plenty of information as well as a calculator to determine the heat generated by an Arc Flash.

This site has a video:

My site has a basic introduction:

Every Thermographer should know the hazards involved from my own experience a lot of companies do not worry about NFPA or OSHA regulations and are only too happy for the Thermographer to get involved in opening and closing panels. I would suggest that this topic be included in every Level I course.

Re:Safety cloths (PPE) Carl M 5/2/2005
There is a good thread on the subject on the IEEE Electrical Safety Forum.

Non-members may enter and read the forum by selecting "preview" on the web page listed above.

I do electrical IR inspections, I also have done quite a few arc flash analyses. On your own, selecting PPE for a thermographic inspection can be compicated. Most larger companies have safety programs and ppe requirement.

Carl M.
Re:Safety cloths (PPE) Carl M 5/2/2005
the thread "PPE / Safe Work Practices for Thermographers" has slid off that forums first page and may be found be selecting "View All" Discussions.

Carl M.
Re:Safety cloths (PPE) trog 5/4/2005
At Progress Energy fr clothing is required anytime we enter a substation or work on or around energized equipment.

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