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Infrared Windows for Sale maverick 1/12/2004
Low-cost infrared windows in a range of styles and materials for different applications. Fixed and removable optics available for both long and short wave cameras.
address Raphaël 1/13/2004
I suggest that you contact :
José Frenandez, company SOREM - France

They produce a wide variety of IR windows, including standard HVIR SW and LW
Re:Infrared Windows for Sale Tony Holliday 2/5/2004
If you are interested in purchasing IR Sightglasses, windows or ports which are designed for use indoor or outdoor high and low voltage then contact Hawk IR International Ltd.

Our products are supported and distributed by the largest IR camera manufacturer in the world and are used by major OEM's, for more information about our products or to locate your nearest rep. for a demo, contact us at or contact FLIR Systems Inc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Holliday
Hawk IR International Ltd.
Re:Infrared Windows for Sale maverick 9/16/2004
We have just received UL & ULC approval as well as IP65 and 2X on our infrared windows. Our two inch window starts at $75.00 US each and we stock 2", 3" and 4" infrared windows in Canada and the US.
Next day shipping on most orders.
Visit our website at for more information.
Re:Infrared Windows for Sale IR window user 9/17/2004
The CTI CYCLOPS/Hawk IR products have been available for years with an opaque plastic optic as an option. However, due to the very low melting point (around 100degrees) of the plastic optic, this product type has never been promoted for operation in an electrical application.

I would call C.T.I/Hawk IR if you are interested in quality IR windows for electric use, they know all about this plastic and have years of experience in the industry.

FYI, I believe that the C.T.I/Hawk plastic optic windows are much less than $75US for a 2" version, but again they will not sell them for electrical use due to safety concerns.

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