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success with IR Bldg inspection business? ephoto 4/13/2005
I'm seriously considering buying a Flir camera and becomig certified in Infrared Bldg Science. Do you think one could be successful by just offering nondestructive water/moisture IR building inspections for both residential and commercial bldgs? I live in a medium size city of about 1 million. Also not sure if mold certification is important.
Re:success with IR Bldg inspection business? dprice 4/25/2005
I think you would be very successful. There are many, many users who do moisture intrusion inspections only for builders, both residential and commercial as well as many property owners looking for building defects that are moisture related. It is, however, important to become a certified thermographer (either in building sciences or a general thermographer) both for credibility purposes as well as knowing what you are seeing in thermal images. Most water intrusion specialists are charging $500 per day to use a thermal imager on a moisture related job, whether an insurance company is involved or not. So, success is related to how you present yourself and your service.

As you probably know, mold is a result of moisture, so if you can find the moisture, and can stop it, you can usually alleviate or avoid mold issues.

I would purchase the camera so you can take it to training. Otherwise it's much like taking driving lessons without a car. You can share cameras with others at training, but it's much more effective if you have your own.
Re:success with IR Bldg inspection business? Scott Wood 4/29/2005
dprice's response was right on. The business is there, the investment does payback itself and the training is important. Our company has managed to stay ahead of the competition only by keeping up with current technology (training, training and more training). For some time now we have provided water intrusion detection, using IR, for our local market (the SF bay area) without a major marketing push. Our main business, remediation, has provided additional opportunities in IR water detection for water losses. Currently we have three full time thermographers performing only water intrusion studies (determining intrusion sources), utilizing spray racks or other means to show water intrusion or other problem areas of the building. In fact we are looking into hiring additional thermography staff in this area because of the work load. The other 4 FLIR IR cameras are utilized by our water restoration service technicians to show wet areas, justifying drying equipment as well as confirming the building is dry.
If you are planning on utilizing the IR technology, mold investigation or remediation, yes, training is very important. Our Supervisors are all certified mold remediators, but we also perform mold remediation services. Remember that using a tool requires knowledge and knowledge is usually better received from professionals who are able to use the tools effectively. ITC and the Building Science Institute provides a great certificate class in IR building science (IRBS351).

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