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success with a new IR business? ephoto 4/13/2005
I'm new to IR and seriously considering buying a Flir camera and becomig certified in Infrared Bldg Science. Do you think one could be successful by just offering nondestructive water/moisture IR building inspections for both residential and commercial bldgs? I live in a medium size city of about 1 million. Also not sure if mold certification is important.
Re:success with a new IR business? stewart 5/5/2005
We started in business offering just Irt Surveys to building owners. See our website for details at We have surveyed around 5000 buildings so far and over 1 million square metres of flat roofs.

No regrets - we love it! Be prepared for long, long hours and lots of late nights. Call me if you like for some encouragement or help.

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