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A40 IR camera Wu 1/13/2004
Dear Sir
I am a researcher working on face recognition by using thermogram. For my understanding, the thermal pattern of a face should be the same no matter how the environmental conditions change. I wonder whether the A40 is suitable in this application, or could you please give your recommendation.
Thanks and best regards

re:A40 IR camera Gary Orlove 1/14/2004
The A40 displays the thermal map of the face as it is, and is very suitable for this task. But face temperatures can and do change depending on a number of factors including: disease, injuries, physical exertion, exposure to the environment, physiology, allergens, reaction to foods/liquids, etc.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Thermogram issues Wu 1/15/2004
Dear Gary
Thank you very much for your timely reply.
Here, I would like to ask you two more questions:
1. I found that the temperature (i.e., the pixel value) at the edges of facial organs such as nose, eye and forehead is higher than other parts. Do you think it is true? How to explain?
2. I also found that for the same face location, the temerature is different under different poses. This implies that the facial thermogram will change along with different poses besides the factors you mentioned. So do you think each face has unique thermogram?
re:Image artifacts Gary Orlove 1/15/2004
Please email me a few original thermograms that I can look at, and then I should be able to answer your questions. You might be seeing an emissivity with angle effect or a spatial resolution effect.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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