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Fully Heater Tubes Imaging Technique Ibrah M 4/19/2005
Does anybody know in how to imaging all heater tubes in furnace, since as everybody knows that viewable tube images are limited by firebox window on the furnace. Is there any technique to image all tubes in a furnace whether it is run horizontally or vertically.

Thanks in advance for your kind suggestions.
Re:Fully Heater Tubes Imaging Technique TDLIR 4/19/2005
It all depends on how much money you have to spend on this. There are some IR cameras that can be permanently mounted onto your furnace with a water-cooling system for your lens.

You can set-up as many as you wish simply by making your own inspection ports to facilitate the lens assembly. That way you can get 100% coverage. But you may need anywhere from 2 to 15 and more cameras depending on the design of the furnace and tubes.

But when it comes to a portable camera, you are always limited to the existing view ports you have accessible to you.

Sonny James
Re: Fully Heater Tubes Imaging Technique Ibrah M 4/20/2005
Thanks James for your comments. Actually our company is just to set-up infrared thermography based condition monitoring program. We have VarioScan 3022 infrared camera from Jenoptik GmbH, and I'm not sure that it can be put inside the furnace in operation, the flame will burn it then.

Anyway thanks again for your comments.

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