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Retaining Walls Videe 4/19/2005
I was doing a bit of IRBW and found this retaining wall with seepage from the hill above. Are there any issues with regard to such seepage from what appear to be rod holes???

I have uploaded an image for review

M Adler
Re:Retaining Walls Bald Eagle 5/5/2005
I'm new to the site but recently entered this as a new feature for my business. Currently I am doing primarily Home Inspections in Expensive California. Were you trying to verify the performance of the weep system of the wall? Typical retaining walls should have moisture membrance and drainage built in as part of the overall system. I looked at your image and would ask if you saw this as a Digital picture did it show efflorescence staining that corresponded with the IR? This may be problem developing with the moisture barrier assuming it even exists.

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