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Chriopractic and IR Videe 4/19/2005
My Chiro was interested in seeing the B2 after we spoke. He uses a basic thermal graphing devise to measure issues with the spine. He did a graph and then used the B2 to capture an image which did pretty much match the graph in terms of how body temperature reacts to such issues.

Here is the image:
Re:Chriopractic and IR Manuel 6/24/2005
Hi ..

may i ask if emisivity value is correct for human skin or if some criteria was the cause for use this value ..

i like this area of thermography (Chiropractic) would like to have some links to start to read about.

Re:Chriopractic and IR Gary Orlove 6/27/2005
You can learn more about medical thermography by visiting our life science links page at

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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