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Show & Tell Web Site TDLIR 4/24/2005
Dear Colleagues,

I just wanted to put to your attention that we have a new section on our website called “Show and Tell”.

This is a free service offered by us to anyone in the Predictive Maintenance and Inspection field who wish to submit case studies or images of your own experiences and findings.

By submitting a case study you will get an entire web page dedicated to your submission with free advertising.

We are doing this in hopes to contribute and improve the quality of training and knowledge in our close-knit field and industry. The more submissions we get from you is the more all of us can learn from your experiences.

Best Regards,

Sonny James
Re:Show & Tell Web Site heatmover 7/14/2005
OK! I suspect that there are some readers out there whove done thermal profiling of chillers, cooling towers, various heat exchangers and such. Would you have any images to share?

I wrote yesterday that I was "dying" to get out of water treatment. However, I may be able to sell my current employer on a bit of diversification. After all, he does also own an eddy current inspection company BUT, if I can convince him that thermography can put his company in a uniquely competitive posture, perhaps he will also send ME to a good IR training school AND buy a thermal imager (I know, I know--he'll have to hire at least a level II thermographer to mentor me). If life keeps handing me lemons, maybe I need to start making some lemonade, so to speak!

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
Re:Show & Tell Web Site thermoman 11/17/2005
A commendable idea but one limited by the potential of litigation in situations of specific case studies. You will most likely see may examples of residental defficiencies along with plant maintenance problems not likely to end up on the desk of a lawyer. For those commercial, residential, and institutional inspections where defficiencies will potentially end up in litigation, they will not find your web site.

And that is a pity since we can learn so much more from these cases.

Alternatively you can request information carried out from research project that do not identify actual clients and buildings and thus are not subject to liability.

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