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Certifications newguy 4/24/2005
How important and what benefits come from the 3 levels of IR certification? What would be a reasonable time frame to aquire these levels? I know it would depend on a number of unknowns, but I'd like some educated guesses if anyone would care to comment.
Re:Certifications ron lucier 4/25/2005
Level I is introductory - camera operation, basic temperature measurement, reporting.

Level II is intermediate, better understanding of the science, introduction to other technologies and applications.

Level III is more of the and setting up inspection programs, written practices, watt loss calculations.

I suggest 6 months between the Levels. Some people take longer, some shorter.

Certification is written testimony of qualification. It is very important to have an independent method of demonstrating knowledge and skills. That is what the ITC certification process is all about. Take one of our courses, pass it and then complete a Field Assignment and we certify that you have met the requirements of a Level I, II or III. If someone questions your qualification you can reference them back to our course, it's objectives and requirements. There are no legal reasons to be certified - you are not referencing your measurfements against a code or standard as you would in ultrasonic pipe wall thickness measurements - but there are practical reasons (your competition within a company and/or outside your company).

Good luck Newguy! We're here to help you.

Ron Lucier
FLIR Systems - Infrared Training Center
N Billerica, MA
Re:Certifications Manuel 4/26/2005
Hi Ron ..

how are you doing?? ..

My best regards from Mexicali Mexico.

Roberto cruz
Re:Certifications electricpete 5/1/2005
The benefits to you as an individual.
1 - Training helps you do your job better.
2 - Certification is another way to show your value to your employer (although results of course more important).

The benefits to your employer
1 - Certification can help him show your value to outside agencies if you are a contract firm.
2 - An in-house program using certified personnel may be eligible for insurance reduction. That is the case for N.E.I.L. industrial insurance at our plant.
Re:Certifications OPG1 5/5/2005
Your employer may require you to be certified. You may also want to do cost benefit analysis to show your employer the value of doing IR scans (CBA's show cost if hot spots are left to be catastophic faults versus fix it before this happens)

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