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infrared sightglass (hawk) Troy 4/27/2005
I have recently bought 4 new hawk i.r.sightglass
for our switch gear room, does anybody have thoughts on a good location to monitor I will be installing them on our next P.M. down time.
Re:infrared sightglass (hawk) ron lucier 4/27/2005
What size windows? In general you want to put them where you can get the best view inside the cabinet and that depends on lots of geometry.

Remember that there is a minimum focus distance on your camera (what type by the way?). Placing the window too close to the connections may not be the best bet as your field of view might be limited.

Best way to reach me is via e-mail. I am in Europe this week.

Good luck!
Re:infrared sightglass (hawk) Tony Holliday (HAWK IR) 4/28/2005
Hi Troy,

First of all you need to decide exactly what switchgear type/system you are most concerned about.

For example ANSI type VCB cells are notoriously difficult to monitor, in fact due to compartmentalisation normally you can only view the cable connections at the rear.

Next you need to consider internal guarding/shielding. Many pieces of MV equipment utilise "glastic" phase barriers to help reduce dielectric clearances between live, unshrouded conductors. Infrared will not pass through glastic and hence in this situation two IR sightglasses may be needed in order to view all three connections.

Finally, as Ron says you need to consider the minimum focal length of the camera you are using, (this obviously depends on lens options also). BUT, make sure you do not fall into the trap of pressing the camera hard up against the Hawk IR Sightglass. This is not the best method to scan the cabinet, rather back the camera a couple inches away from the window and tilt/slew the camera with the axis of rotation being the center of the window. This should overcome most minimum focus issues and also give you the best FOV within the cabinet.

As a Hawk IR customer you can take advantage of our application library which include installation advice sheets showing correct positioning etc. on many different types of equipment. This is a free-of-charge support service that we offer our customers in order that you get the best results.

To take advantage of this or if you have any other questions, please drop me a line.

Also, if you are a P60/65 user you might want to check out the ILLUMINATE-IR option which allows your digital camera attachment to be used to shoot through the optically transparent Hawk IR Sightglasses.

Best regards,

Tony Holliday
Hawk IR International Ltd.
Re:infrared sightglass (hawk) Doctir bob 5/2/2005
With your IR camera, you need to measure and input the IR window transmittance for good temperature readings. 50% is a good starting point for the Hawk IR windows when using a longwave IR camera such as the P65 or other uncooled microbolometer array based system. Don't try doing temperature difference without this correction either. You will get incorrect answers for both temperature and temperature differences if you don't correct for window transmittance. If this isn't clear, come to an ITC class and we will be happy to teach you how.

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