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underwater detection shlomi 4/27/2005
We are trying to determine if the heat of a human body FALLING into a low depth water pool could be detected or visualized using infrared sensors or cameras. If the answer is yes, what is the range for this underwater sensor?

Can you recommend us on one?

Shlomi Levi
Re:underwater detection ron lucier 4/27/2005
Infrared energy is blocked 100% by water do you cannot see through water to find objects. However, a body falling into the water will distrub the surface thermal pattern. Typically the water is cooler right at the very surface and a bit warmer underneath. The surface is cooler due to natural convection, evaporation (water giving up latent heat as it goes from liquid to vapor) and radiation.

Look at a warm water surface and you can see the very complex thermal patterns. Mix the water a bit and those patterns change instantly.

Hope I answered your question!


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