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Sub-terrainian voids Steiny 4/28/2005
Has anyone had any experience with locating voids under concrete (aprox. 6-8 inches) using IR? If so, what parameters as far as temperature fluctuations are required and would you necessarily have to use an elevated platform or shoot from a roof?

Thank You
Re:Sub-terrainian voids Intertec 5/2/2005
IR is proably not the way to go. Easier methods would be GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) or impact echo. Also depending on how good your hearing is you might be able to tap on the floor with a hammer or a stick and find the delaminations.
Depending on the part of the country you live in a local testing firm might be able to help you.
Re:Sub-terrainian voids stewart 5/5/2005
Totally agree with the first reply. GPR is the best way to test for voids. We have done it on castle walls using both ir and GPR. Results can be found on our website at
Have a look at case studies under GPR

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