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Need the right training Bald Eagle 5/5/2005
Guys, I am new to this whole industry and am very excited to add this to my already successful endeavors. I took the Level 1 course and realize now that this is only the beginning. I am now looking for detailed training in building science. I need to become proficient in investigating the building envelope, problems with home electrical systems and HVAC. Certainly this can't happen overnight but I could use some suggestions from others as to the proper directions for training. I am involved with both feet in the Home Inspection business with some 10 years and over 4000 homes so I feel I understand the home as a system, now I want to go more towards why did it fail, or is it going to fail.
Re:Need the right training Gary Orlove 5/5/2005
I would suggest considering the IRBS-351 3.4 day Building Science certification course. You can get details at .

If you are also inspecting roofs, consider the Roofing inspection course at .

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Need the right training Gary Wilson 1/7/2006

I'm newer than you, my camera in is the mail and I'll be doing a level one this month. I may be able to offer some insight; I'm a plumbing and hvac contractor in Massachusetts. I'm one or two pegs over the average hvac guy when it comes to diagnostics. I highly recommend Comfort Institute Their main focus is blower door testing, but they have two different four-day classes that would get you up to speed real fast. You would "know" more than most HVAC contractors out there. There is also National Comfort Institute which is 99% duct performance related training. I've done their 4 day class as well. You can check them out at
These two companies are the best there is when it comes to HVAC diagnostics. CI has more insight into the building side, NCI focusses more on the ducts and the boxes (furnace, air handler, etc.)Neither go into the refrigeration side much, which is obviously important when it comes to AC. If you want some AC training, let me know.

Gary Wilson

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