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Trending template for Reporter 7 pro Bob Berry 5/11/2005
Does anyone have a trending template for Reporter 7 pro.
Re:Trending template for Reporter 7 pro Raphael Danjoux 5/12/2005
This feature is not included as a Reporter 7 function.

A possibility is to insert a summary table in a conclusion page of a template.
In this summary table, add all analysis functions you would like to appear in a trending curve.
Procedure :
A) Create a report via the wizard, with as many inspection pages as you need, each of them containing a thermogram and the selected function(s).
B) Go to the last page where the summary table is displayed. The elements of this table can be selected, copied, as if it is a standard Office table.
C) Select the column(s) you need, and copy the values (Ctrl + C).
D) Insert a Excel sheet on your page (Menu "INSERT" then "OBJECT" then "MICROSOFT EXCEL WORKSHEET").
E) On this sheet, just paste the values previously copied (Ctrl + V).
F) Then draw your trending curve, from thses values, via the standard Excel functions.

I admit that this procedure is rather tedious.
Note : the trending curve can not be updated automatically, so do not try to "copy with link" into the Excel sheet, it does not work.


Re:Trending template for Reporter 7 pro Ever 5/14/2005
Un Favor alguien tiene el Procedimiento para hacer tendencias con el Reporter Therma-Cam Data Base-99, claro exportando Imagenes Termicas del Reporter 2000 al Data Base-99 y me lo pudiera enviar por email

Saludos al forum

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