Message Board Thread - "Securing Errors & Omissions Insurance For a Part Time Thermographer Help!"

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Securing Errors & Omissions Insurance For a Part Time Thermographer Help! JNTOOLS 5/12/2005
Does anyone have any experience in securing professional liability insurance for a self employed part time thermographer that is reasonably priced? It seems to me that for the small amount of business doing insulation deficiency evaluations and water intrusion surveys in residential properties the insurance exceeds the revenue. I am not an attorney, and I do realize that even with a tight contract someone can still sue you. Even if they do not win it will still cost you to defend yourself. I guess having a LLC can also help some what.

Anyone out there have experience as a independent thermographer that has forgone the E&O insurance and just working of a good contract and hoping for the best?

Any help would be appreciated!

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