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Bleached Kraft Pulp Sheet Emissivity Tim McKee 5/17/2005
Does anyone know the emissivity of a bleached pulp sheet and does it change significantly through the process, ie. from wet end of the machine to the outlet of the dryer?

I'm also interested in contacting other IR camera users in pulpmill environments. Please send me an email at
Re:Bleached Kraft Pulp Sheet Emissivity JKEngineer 5/18/2005
I tested bleached kraft paper about 10 years ago and memory says it was around 0.9. I was using a 2-5 micron camera, which you may not be.

Your best bet is to take some samples and test them. If you have a lab oven available - and you should if you are in a pulp mill - the easiest way to do it is to hang a sample in the oven to equilibrate, then open the door and read the face of the sample with the room as the background. If you are testing wet pulp mats then you may need to bag the sample while you heat it and test very fast when you open the bag to read the temperature. The sheet will be cooling very rapidly once you expose it to lower humidity and let it flash.

Where is your mill?

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Re:Bleached Kraft Pulp Sheet Emissivity Manuel 5/25/2005
hi tim ..

i had used my camera just in the QUALITATIVE mode. the user just want to know if humidity was uniform, temperature doesn't care at that time.

temperature it is important at drums, to detect condensates inside that can lead to discover purge lines in bad conditions.

surely there are lot of areas of interest on a mill line. that's the fun of thermographer.

good luck
roberto cruz
Re:Bleached Kraft Pulp Sheet Emissivity Tim McKee 6/3/2005
Thanks for the replies, Jack and Roberto.

I'm in Skookumchuck, British Columbia, Canada, approx 100km north of where the Idaho/Montana borders meet.


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