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pointers for use with cameras dave gray 5/23/2005
Does anyone know of a narrow beam pointer that throws a beam visible to a long wave camera? How about a mid wave camera?
Re:pointers for use with cameras Manuel 5/23/2005

you want to see the invisible laser beam"??..
the color laser beams are in the nanometers range, some of then in the 2000nm (2microns wich is pretty close to 3-5 microns region that is where short systems works)..

but surely this post will have lot of replys.


Re:pointers for use with cameras Ronnir 5/23/2005
I wonder whether the laser will damage the detector of the IR camera. Also your topic will arise a lot of discussion.
Re:pointers for use with cameras roofman 6/1/2005
typically all your going to find commercially available for an actual "pointer" anywhere near the IR range are IR weapons lasers (firearms/guns). Which are in the very near infrared for night vision devices. typically about 850nm range. But to make this situation even worse is the fact that IR lasers like these are restricted to Law Enforcement and Military only by the feds. (new sales)

However you can pick up some used or grey market stuff on ebay commonly. such as the one in the link below that does both visible and IR in one unit.

even if you search ebay there are some lasers (NOT portable) that generate a 1064nm laser beam. I found a non-portable laser at 1342nm on the web. So its possible that one exists that could be spotted by a long wave camera, but it is probably so specialized that it might cost more than the camera...

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