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FLIR PC-Card Interfaces PC-Card 5/24/2005
My FLIR (SC300) system packed in during a busy clinical session. The fault was pinned down to the FLIR PC-Card interface. I am just wondering if anyone has had reliability problems for this component. The repair is expected to be quite expensive. Also, may I ask if anyone has a 'second hand' interface for sale and for approx. what price?
Re:FLIR PC-Card Interfaces Jim Haney 5/25/2005

Have you tried to contact us in technical support? it may be something as simple as a driver, or computer that does not support legacy serial communications.

Jim Haney
Technical Support
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Office: 978-901-8232
Fax: 978-901-8832
FLIR Corporate: 978-901-8000
ITC Corporate: 978-901-8405
Re:FLIR PC-Card Interfaces Azar 5/25/2005
I have a demo PC-Card interface for $2,500. Please feel free to contact me directly

Azar Louh
1-866-477-3687 option #2.

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