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IR Thermography in the Electronics R&D environment k3jsch 5/28/2005

I work in an avionics electronic design environment. I just did a paper for a master's program on the use of infrared thermography in an electronics production environment for baselining already-existing products and their thermal profiles and using this information to screen product that could potentially fail later.

Now, I have to look at the design side of things; namely, looking at a prototype circuit and thermal signatures and using that information in the design stages to change circuit topology, improve cooling, etc.

Does anyone have any success stories, anecdotal evidence, etc., of this type of use that is of a non-proprietary enough nature that they can share? I am trying to interact both with our in-house design personnel and people on the outside to get some good viable ideas that we can try out.


K. Schauf
Re:IR Thermography in the Electronics R&D environment JKEngineer 5/28/2005
Not quite exactly what you are looking for, but:
A good approach, that saves time to market, reduces cycles of prototyping, and improves results is to combine IR for characterization and heat transfer analysis for design and estimation of performance. This analysis is carried out using either FEA (finite element analysis) and / or CFD (computational fluid dynamics). The CFD approach is more powerful, in that it allows good estimation of the impact of air flow, fan selection, board arrangement in a case, etc.

If you need more info (or want work done) let me know.


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Re:IR Thermography in the Electronics R&D environment jdlirab 7/15/2009
Hi, I´m an engineer student and right now I´m interested in the use of thermography in electronics components, I haven’t been able to find any good related information, I was wondering if could be possible that you share with me your on the use of infrared thermography in an electronics production environment, I´m need to do a verification on a electronic board of a CNC machine.
Thank you

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