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Question aboutQuickview and pdf's micjk 5/31/2005
When I add descriptive verbage to a thermal image in Quickview then save as a pdf file my verbage gets all messed up. Why? I've tried everything that I can think of to no avail. Would post example but board won't accept PDF file for uploaded image, but here is basically what happens.
Original desc. in quickview: glue machine reservoir min,max,and average temp's.
How it shows up when saved as PDF: glue machine reservoir min,m
ax and avera
ge temp's.
Hope this gives an idea of what's going on, if not I can e-mail PDF. to anyone that may be able to help.
Thanks for your responses.
Re:Question aboutQuickview and pdf's Jim Haney 6/13/2005
The latet version of Quickview addresses that issue. You can downlaod it here:


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