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Suitable IR camera Prashanta 6/5/2005
Now, what is the best suitable IR Camera available for the measurement of heater tube skin temperature in oil refinary plant.
Re:Suitable IR camera IR-indo 7/6/2005
For tube skin inspection shall use shortwave camera completed with flame filter. Do not even use long wave camera, it is wrong measurement.
Re:Suitable IR camera Prashanta 7/13/2005
I need the name of the camera being used for the above application now-a-days.
Re:Suitable IR camera TDLIR 7/13/2005
The more common cameras in use right now for furnace tubes are the FLIR Thermacam PM390 series and the FLIR 550.

These are all cooled MW cameras using 3.9 micron flame filters.

There are also some older model MW and Broadband Imagers that are used for furnace tubes.

Please note that currently FLIR is no longer making these 390 and 550 cameras. But they are still supporting them. And they are still selling Pre-Owned Refurbished systems.

These cameras have been tried and tested and used by many thermographers for furnace tube inspections for years now.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Sonny James

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