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Motor Temperatures ? kmanka 6/6/2005
Is there a chart or graph for ideal running tempreatures for motors(Frame, HP, Speed)? I need something to have a refrance point? I know that every motor maybe diffrent do to age and operating condition, but I would like to have something. Can anyone help?
Re:Motor Temperatures ? Bob Berry 6/6/2005
Below is an extract taken from IEEE 117-2000.
Insulation System Temperature Classification
Class A 105 ºC 221ºF
Class E*120 ºC 248 ºF
Class B 130 ºC 266 ºF
Class F 155 ºC 311 ºF
Class H 180 ºC 356 ºF
Class N 200 ºC 392 ºF
Based on ambient temperature of 40 ºC (104 ºF)
* Used in European
Re:Motor Temperatures ? Manuel 6/6/2005
please take note on this.

this temperatures refers to insulation class resistance and must not be exceded, sometimes can be misundertanding like 'operation temperatures' ..

Re:Motor Temperatures ? Bob Berry 6/7/2005
That is true, it does refer to the winding temperature and not the external temperature of the motor, only experiance will help in determining the temperature of the winding, and even then there some guess work involved. But it is a good guide.
Re:Motor Temperatures ? David 6/8/2005
Take a look at . Follow the link 'cowern papers' and then 'motor temperature ratings.' Looks like there's plenty of other interesting and relevant stuff on this site too.

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