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Putting holes in our lexan covers to allow IR scan JoeMcCormack 6/6/2005
We are looking at putting holes in our lexan covers to allow a IR scan without having to power down the tool to remove them. What is the smallest hole size required by the IR gun.

Allowable IR Scan hole distances

Here is what is in the current EEW Guideline. So if the lexan guard is 2" from the electrical circuit/terminal, then the max opening is 3/8". This is to ensure the lexan cover is finger safe.

Can you guys give some feedback about the advantages and disadvantages of useing holes of this size to scan, also has anybody used slots in place of holes.
Re:Putting holes in our lexan covers to allow IR scan pktsgt 6/6/2005

You are getting into a dangerous area/topic.
Most cameras use the whole lens area to get the
picture. A Radiometer IR scanning hand held gun
smallest target area is 3/4inch. Either one of these will only allow for a streight on shot. With 3/8in hole that does not give you much to work with. Can you put in View ports?(believe Eagle is the product name not sure) These ports are made big enough and of the right material that IR can be used.

Kat Thompson
Antigua, West Indies
Re:Putting holes in our lexan covers to allow IR scan Tony Holliday (HAWK IR) 6/7/2005
Hi all,

The Hawk IR Sightglasses can be installed directly into the lexan covers. Due to the fact that they are fixed using self-tapping screws from the front of the cabinet and that the lexan is probably 1/4" (6mm) thick, there will be no internal protrusion into the panel (no nuts or bolt heads), this means that the dielectric clearances that the system was originally designed to are not compromised.

The Hawk IR Sightglasses have also undergone controlled internal-arc tests upto 40kA for 0.5s (30 cycles @60hz) to both IEEE and IEC standards for arc-resistant switchgear.

I will post some pictures of the Hawk IR Sightglasses installed into LEXAN panels during the week. Alternatively, you can email me at the address below or call our US branch at 1-877-4-HAWKIR.

Best Regards,

Tony Holliday
Hawk IR International Ltd.
Re:Putting holes in our lexan covers to allow IR scan BWC 8/11/2005
What camera do you have, I use a lens for the P60/P65 that can look through faily small hole and gives good results. One of our applications is holes through the covers of the isophase ducts to all online inspections.

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