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Camera not working... Joe_Lutz 6/6/2005
My company just recently picked up a ThermalScan IRC-3000. Somebody got there hands on it and now it wont turn on. I've tried using the power supply and battery and a couple other little things but nothing has worked. This is a pretty expensive camera and we want to try to make sure it's not something silly or a common fixable problem before we send it to the factory. Any tips? Thanks a lot!
Re:Camera not working... Joe_Lutz 6/6/2005
Also... The camera is less than one month old. As far as I know, it hasn't been dropped either. It doesn't look like there are any signs of abuse on the outside of the camera.
Re:Camera not working... dprice 6/6/2005
Purchase a FLIR B Series Camera. FLIR will give you trade-in on ISI camera.
Re:Camera not working... Joe_Lutz 6/6/2005
Re:Camera not working... Joe_Lutz 6/6/2005
Any other tips?
Re:Camera not working... Jim Haney 6/13/2005
It sounds like you should contact the manufacturer Service department directly. I believe that camera is made by Infrared Solutions:

Although a B2 is a nice camera, the FLIR B2 only has a 160 X 120 Detector, so I don't think you will want to downgrade from your 320 X 240 Detector. Flir does make some very nice cameras with 320 x 240 detectors and a trade in program.


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