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need opinions on camera for training mcory 6/6/2005
Hello, I plan on attending Level 1 training. Since i am starting new business, I was looking at purchasing a ir400 camera. I realize this an older camera but from what i have read, It was the "workhorse of the industry" and will work great for starting out. Here is the information on the camera. Any opinions would be appreciated.
Thanks, Michael

iR 400 Pro+ color infrared camera with extended calibration from 0 c to 1500 c temperature measurement, including 20 degree FOV lens and 7 degree FOV lens, 3 long life batteries and all accessories. $6000
Re:need opinions on camera for training Jim Haney 6/7/2005

Make sure you cn still get support for it.

Jim Haney
Re:need opinions on camera for training Azar 6/7/2005
The iR400 commonly known as the Agema 470 is no longer supported by FLIR or Agema. The 470 was considered a work horse in its time. Unfortunately the age, size, and camera performance have changed dramatically over the years making the camera obsolete. I have a modern pre-owned hand held system I could recommend with a one year warranty.

uncooled microbolometer
weighs 1.5lbs
JPEG Image storage
USB down loading

If your interested please contact me directly or check us out at

Azar Z Louh
Inside Sales Manager
866-477-3687 option #2


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