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Question on protecting the camera from elements chuckatr 6/22/2005
I have a question. My company has a camera with infrared capabilities. We want to be able to encase it against bad weather, etc. Tghe problem my boss has posed to me is to come up with a material that the camera can see through and retain its IR capability, and protect the camera from the elements. Is that "glass" available or useable.

Re:Question on protecting the camera from elements Gary Orlove 6/22/2005
A very simple and inexpensive solution is to wrap the camera with "Glad ClingWrap (crystal clear polyethylene)" available at most supermarkets. This has an IR transparency of about 0.89 in both MW and LW bands.

If you need something more durable, then consider Zinc Selenide.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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