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infrared and ultrasound newguy 6/24/2005
Does anybody use ultrasound along with their infrared?? What kind of results and tests do you do? Been doing alittle research and seems they go hand-in-hand.
Re:infrared and ultrasound Rod 7/7/2005
We use ultrasound on a regular basis with IR on our High Voltage equipment. US allows us to hear the tracking on stress cones and/or equipment before it become visible. We can US switchgear without opening or exposing personnel to dangerous voltages. It can be used at any open seam, bolt hole, or joint along doors and or meters. Our plant is served by 138kv with several 12.5kv indoor subs and piecses of 5kv equipment. We have even found problems with 480v MCC equipment using US.
Our US equipnment is an Ultra Probe 2000 in the fixed 35 to 45 kHz band. In the sub-station we use the accumlitor disk for overhead bushing and insulators.
Re:infrared and ultrasound TDLIR 7/7/2005
IR and Airborne UT do in fact go hand-in-hand. Just like other technologies such as Vibration and Oil Analysis, etc.. In fact all predictive technologies should be used together whenever possible in order to better diagnose and quantify equipment problems.

We have been using the IR/UT combo for many years in many aspects. We actually would use the benefit of these Sight and Sound technologies and superimpose the UT sound on IR video.

This is a very effective way of diagnosing problems in equipment such as Bearing, Steam Traps, Sub-Stations, etc…

We have actually posted an example of how we use these 2 technologies in a short video clip on our “Show and Tell” section of our web site. This video is of a pillow block bearing.

Our inspection would consist of recoding IR & UT simultaneously and giving the customer a videotape, CD or DVD of the inspection.

If you are interested in Steam Traps, I will be posting a similar video on our web site over the weekend. So make sure to check it out again next week.

Best Regards,

Sonny James
Re:infrared and ultrasound TDLIR 7/9/2005
Just wanted to let you know that I posted the video clips of UT/IR of Steam Traps on the "Show & Tell" section of our web site.

Feel free to view them for added information on the use of IR & UT.


Sonny James

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