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Roof Thermal Imaging limo2088 7/7/2005
I am a level 1 certified thermographer, and i have mostly dealt with electrical, mechanical scans, i have not done any roof scans. What and how should i go about this, I am planning to take the roofing course at ITC but i need a crash course on what time should the scan be performed and how exactly. Thanks for any help
Re:Roof Thermal Imaging JNTOOLS 7/8/2005
Depending on where you are doing the inspection there is generally a short window of opportunity for the inspection. Roofing inspection should be done after sunset when the roof cools to the sky, I will attempt to explain this. Water enters the roof and gets trapped between the insulation and the roofing surface (example EPDM roof surface); the water generally has a higher thermal capacitance than the roof surface. After sun sets the hot roof cools to the sky (because heat travels from hot to cold), leaving warm anomalies that are generally the moisture that is trapped under the surface. A few tidbits, sunny days with clear a sky at night work best, never walk backward while on the roof, it help to have a spotter or helper and it always helps if you know the construction of the roof. A warehouse heater or some other heat source located underneath or even on the roof can produce a heated anomaly that could look like moisture. The roof class at ITC will help a lot and give you more detail. The instructors are 1st class.

Hope I was able to help a little bit.

Joel N

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